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फ्लेवर्ड मिल्क 200 एमएल इलाइची बोतल पैक

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Product Details 

Experience the rich and creamy delight of Madhusudan Flavored Milk. Our premium blend combines the goodness of pure milk with the irresistible taste of natural flavors, creating a refreshing and wholesome treat for any time of the day. Perfect for both kids and adults, Madhusudan Flavored Milk offers a delicious way to stay energized and satisfied. Enjoy the perfect harmony of taste and nutrition in every sip.

Nutritional Information
Serving Size 200 ml Approx  

*Per 100 ml  % RDA Per Serving*
Energy 85 kcal 8.5%
Carbohydrate 14.5 g -
Total Sugar  14.5 g -
Added Sugar  10.0 g 40.0 
Protein  3.20 g -
Fat  1.50 g 4.50
Saturated Fat 0.90 g 8.20
Calcium 150 mg -
Sodium 55 mg 5.50
 *Approximate Values
%RDA Values are based 2000 kcal diet.

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फ्लेवर्ड मिल्क 200 एमएल इलाइची बोतल पैक
फ्लेवर्ड मिल्क 200 एमएल इलाइची बोतल पैक

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