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मक्खन 500 ग्राम पैक

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Product Details

Rich and creamy, the delicious Madhusudan Butter is made from best quality milk and has low salt content for a healthy and tasty lifestyle. It is processed in the state of the art hygienic Plant and is known for its smooth Consistency Madhusudan Brand is one among the best in quality and has not only gained confidence of consumers but also getting maximum demand around the year.

It is being manufactured from milk which is taken directly from milk producers at village level and further its complete process being done under the utmost hygienic conditions using the modern equipment. A part of every house hold Madhusudan Ghee has a rich taste aroma and granulation and contains essential nutrients pure forms.

Madhusudan ghee is packed in tamper proof jar packing which ensures that it is genuine and quality product. For various requirements and needs ghee is being packed in several convenient quantities.

 Nutritional Information
Serving Size 20 g
25 Servings in this Pack

*Per 100 g  % RDA Per Serving
Energy 723 kcal 7.2%
Total Fat
80 g 23.9 %
Saturated Fat 52 g 47.3 %
Trans Fat 0.8 mg 8.0 %
Carbohydrate 0.4 g -
Total Sugar 0.4 g -
Protein 0.3 g -
Added Sugar 0.0 g 0.0%
Sodium 875 mg 8.8%
Cholesterol 201 mg -
 *Approximate Values
%RDA Values are based 2000 kcal diet.

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मक्खन 500 ग्राम पैक
मक्खन 500 ग्राम पैक

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