Why Our Product is better than Competitor

  • Complete raw milk collection is being done from villages under clean milk production campaign through networking of Village Collection Centres and milk routes. Immediate and proper chilling of milk, its transportation In insulated milk tanks up to Plant - Dairy Dock.
  • Commitment towards timely milk payment.
  • SMC Group has taken a pledge In 2008 to collect raw milk from villages and in this direction started Milk Collection, Testing and Weighment system by installing latest Computerized AMCUS ((Auto Milk Collection Unit System) at each village society. Correct Fat/SNF and Adulteration etc.. Is checked through this system and correct payment is made through the payment sheet taken from computerized system.
  • Proper recall system of the product in case any defect Is found during Marketing and Sales.
  • Attending to consumer complaints and further giving satisfactory solution on 24 x 7 basis. 6. Proper placement and positioning of the product against demand by our consumer.
  • All products are being manufactured using the 'LATEST STATE OF THE ART machinery under hygienically controlled surroundings.
  • All our products conforms to International Quality Standards - ISO 22500:2005.Thus maintaining Foods Safety Systems.
  • There exists a dynamic team of Professionals to look after the complete networking of manufacturing of products at processing stage and Quality assurance while maintaining cold chain up to consumer level.
  • Madhusudan milk contains highest protein percentage In comparison to other brands and as you know protein is vital for brain development and growth of body tissues.
    it Our Madhusudan Milk, Channa yield is 10% more than Milk of other competitors.
  • AM the distributors pertaining to various territories are being controlled by our C & F In respect of daily total supply, recovery of supply dues and dolly accounting of Empty Crates and thus complete milk sale programme is being scrutinized on daily basis.
  • Madhusudan milk gives natural, fresh taste and sweet smell and our milk consumers has established that Madhusudan Milk quality and of allied products is par excellence.