Company Profile

Company Profile

The Madhusudan glorious past is attached to our Revered founder Shri Sewa Ram AggarwalJi who remained one of the most successful entrepreneurs of UP. The group was initially engaged in the business of Tobacco, Steel, for more than 50 years and has been famous for their business acumen for ethics and value added business policies.

The group took further initiative and established its first Milk Plant namely SMC Foods Limited, in 1991 at Village-Nanauta, Distt. Saharanpur (U.P.). On getting encouraging response from the Milk Producers, the Management of the Company came forward and opened its second Milk Plant under the banner M/s Creamy Foods Limited., at Village-Bartoli, Khurja, Distt. Bulandshahr (U.P.) during 1998.

Modeled on co-operative pattern with collection net working, raw milk is being collected through its societies at village level as well as through Milk Chilling Centres installed within the milk shed area of potential farmers.  About 50,000 milk producers are engaged every day to supply milk to Madhusudan Plants. The company’s main objective is to collect quality milk from the Milk Producers at village level and provide timely and remunerative milk payment and ensures complete transparency in milk testing at village level as well as Dairy Dock levels.

To ensure proper milk testing, correct and timely payment, Management has established latest computerized AMCUS (Auto milk collection unit system) comprising milk weighment and full testing at village level around both the milk plants.  Through village level milk collection, milk is being chilled en-route and transported to the factory through insulated road milk tankers.  It is only due to the cooperation and dedication of our beloved milk producers that about 6.50 lacs Liters of milk is being collected daily at both the plants and its products are being recognized in quality not only in India but also in international market.  Due to the various, Dairy development inputs, the socio-economic status of our milk producers have risen tremendously and has become a source of security and stability among farmers.

Both the companies are professionally managed and are ISO 9001: 2008, and HACCP certified company.  Moreover we would like to keep on record, that we have emerged as a winner of A.M.G.F. Consumer World Award in the field of dairy industry and got facilitation as ‘Mera Brand” from 2006 onwards consistently and continuing till date.
The milk products being manufactured are milk powders Pure Desi Ghee and Dairy Whitener etc and are being sold under the Brand Name Madhusudan, Vasudev, and Double Cow (Premium Brand of Skimmed Milk Powder).  The milk powders and pure ghee are also being given to the various institutions namely Reliance, Big Apple, 365 Days, Wall Mart, KB Fair Price, Big Bazar,  Food Bazar, 6 to 10, Spar High Per, Aditya Birla, Kendriya Bhandar, Devyani Foods Industries Ltd., Anmol Biscuits, Integrated Tribal Development Authority (ITDA), Civil Supply Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, APDDCF,  ITC, etc. There is an existence of strong dynamic team of Professionals to look after entire networking of sales namely C&F Depot., 800 Distributors covering 15 States comprising more than 50,000 Retail outlets and backed by the support of our valued customers who consistently demand our quality products.

Both the milk plants are well equipped with ‘state of the art’ dairy machinery where milk after receiving and grading is further processed, stored and being used to manufacture various products under 36 STRINGENTQUALITYCONTROLTESTS and good manufacturing  and hygienic practices and dispatch to various markets for sale. As such, Madhusudan not only has become the market leader in the country in selling its products but Madhusudan has indeed today become a Brand to reckon with and stands today on a solid financial foundation enjoying not only excellent reputation in the market but also confidence among its beloved customers.