Research and Development

Madhusudan Group has also started its R & D activities where serious thinking is being given on the following issues:-
  • 100% raw milk collection from village level (direct from milk producer) - under clean milk production programme.

  • By giving various dairy development& extension inputs at village level & also strengthening clean milk production campaign, initial load of bacteria in milk has been reduce tremendously. Mbr of raw milk is more than 60 minutes.

  • New and 'State of Art Machinery' is being purchased to strengthen process line for getting excellent quality of milk / milk products.

  • Lot of innovative schemes is being run among our valued consumers to give boost to our sales.

  • . Innovation in packing line is also being taken.

  • Striving to exceed expectations of consumers, farmers & all other stakeholders.

  • Focused on innovation, creative thinking & dynamic solutions.

  • Contribute to the advancement & improvement of farmers socio - economic status associated with us.