Smc group got two milk plants and both are located in milk rich belt of u.p. Near saharanpur & khurja (distt. Bulandsahar). The group follows comprehensive & systematic strategy to collect milk on daily basis (twice a day).
Milk is being collected through village collection centres (vlc) via milk routing system & milk is brought for chilling at respective milk chilling centres. In each village, our representative of milk producer (vrmp) is installed after proper meeting & with the consent of milk producers / surpanch of village.

Milk is being tested using automatic & computerized milk collection unit (amcu) installed in about 1000 villages & also connected with automatic weighing machine. Smc group maintains full transparency in checking fat & snf percentage in raw milk & thus built not only confidence in the farmers but through correct testing & weighment gets pure & unadulterated milk.

Every farmer gets a printed slip after delivering milk that shows quality, quantity, price & total amount payable for the milk accepted. Further to ensure that milk so collected arrive in fresh state & free from disease causing bacteria, it is transported to nearest chilling centre so as to process within short span of three hours of delivering milk at village level.

Smc group also organize various health & fertility camps at village level & also arrange regular meetings to discuss the requirement of farmers & also provide the necessary material for getting milk under “clean milk production campaign” and alsopays incentive for quality milk. The group is constantly engaged to develop the socio economic status of its beloved farmers by bringing change in their life style.

Smc group also arranging the folowing dairy development programmes:

  • To arrange competitive, remunerative & prompt payments for the farmers for their milk.
  • Conduct training classes to educate farmers on the latest development in the field of breading, feeding & management practices.
  •  To give incentive for quality milk under clean milk production.
  • To accept milk through year, ywice a day.
  • To arrange high quality fodder seeds & compounded cattle feed at no profit & no loss.